Thursday, March 11, 2004

One last entry before I hop in the car! Heather’s brother John and I will be driving to Virginia to pick up my brother in about an hour, arriving a bit after midnight.

It’s been an absolutely crazy last week. All the last minute pack and gear prep was amazingly the least of my concerns! Taking care of work – thanks George, Jim & Heather! – has been nuts. And that’s been compounded by having a stomach bug for the last week! I don’t know how much is nervous and how much is physical, but there’s no choice in the matter – I’m heading south!

Heather’s a high school physics teacher, so I won’t see her at least until April vacation and perhaps until the end of May. That’s going to be tough! She’ll be getting my handwritten journal entries and transcribing them, so expect a delay of a week or more between my writing and her posting.

Thanks to my parents and everyone who’s supported this dream and promised to following along with me! Your support means a ton and I can’t wait to see/hear from you along the way.