Saturday, September 04, 2004

The trail life is quickly fading behind. I flash back often when I’m taking a shower, getting a glass of water or attempting to put anything on my feet other than my one new pair of sneakers that actually fit my feet. But every time I need to buckle down and do something that I need to do, it comes real easy. The trail has put a bit more steel in my backbone—everything’s easy compared to getting up and hiking on cold, rainy days!

With the rush to get my website design business back up and rolling, compounded by the 4 hours I spend 5+ days a week coaching volleyball, I haven’t talked to any of my trail friends in what feels like forever! They don’t fit the patterns I’ve set up and are falling through the cracks right now. A real shame too, ’cause they’re the ones who understand why I’m sitting on the curb for 15 minutes while walking my dog, delaying my return to sitting in front of the computer.

I am doing a lot of things right—the way I decided to do them on the trail. I’m focusing my business efforts on the local small businesses, getting ’em online within a reasonable budget. That way they feel good, I get new customers and continued hosting revenue from them. Making sure business felt good was one of the things I decided was most important to me.

Hiking? Nope. My longest walk since getting in my car at the base of Katahdin has been about 2 miles. But I spend a lot of time running and jumping around a gym and haven’t gotten fat yet! My body’s pretty much returned to a pain-free status as well. Knees are still a bit achey and my feet don’t hurt partially because some of my toes are still numb, but I’m okay with that so far.

I’m still working on photos, turning ’em 90-degrees as need be, sorting ’em and naming ’em. 1200+ photos is taking way, way, way too long in the craziness of the coaching season!

Hey—if your name is Hoplite and you’re reading this journal, drop me a line. I miss your sorry ass!